Cat 336DL ME

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Hofplein 20, Rotterdam - 3032AC Rotterdam, rotterdam, Holandia (Holandia)
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15:19, 14 października 2018 ID: 6038180402
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    336DL ME
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    17147 mth
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    czerwiec 2011
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Informacje po polsku
Rodzaj paliwa: Olej napędowy
Stan licznika: 1.000
Obszar zastosowania: Budownictwo
Numer serii: CAT0336DVPPN00XXX

Information in English
Type of fuel: Diesel
Mileage: 1.000
Field of application: Construction
Serial number: CAT0336DVPPN00XXX

Used 2011 Caterpillar 336DL ME hydraulic excavator with bucket and aux. hydraulics

GUARANTEE: Protected by Equippo's MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Try this machine at your jobsite for 5 days and return it for a FULL REFUND, if you're not satisfied..

WEIGHT: 39.4 Tons
- Bucket type: General Purpose
- Bucket width: 1850 mm
- Teeth or cutting edge: ok
- Bottom: ok → 70% good
- Side: ok
- Cylinder: ok
- Stick length: 2.55 m
- Steel condition: imperfection → Stick is weld repaired, dent inside
- Cylinder: ok
- Pins & bushings: imperfection → Some play
- Number of auxiliary hydraulic lines: Unit is equipped with two aux. hydraulic lines
- Boom type: Mono
- Steel condition: imperfection → Boom is weld repaired
- Cylinder: imperfection → Right side cylinder is leaking slightly and cylinder bottoms are weld repaired
- Pins & bushings: imperfection → Some play
- Check valves boom: No
- Check valves stick: No
- Cab type and A/C: A/C cab
- Pads type: Triple grouser bar
- Pad width: 600 mm
- Cleanliness: ok
- Seat condition: imperfection → Seat is worn, arm rests are missing
- Airconditioning: ok
- Windows: imperfection → Right side mirror is missing
- Switches: imperfection → Safety lever is broken. Console is broken
- Gauges: imperfection → Stripes on display
- Cab door: ok
- Wiper: imperfection → Wipers don't work
- Floor mat: imperfection → Floor mat is worn
- Structure: ok → Engine hood locks are broken / missing, insulation is missing. Steps are bent. Covers under engine and hydraulic valves are missing. Side doors and compartments are slightly dent. Bumpers have some dents
- Normal smoke level: issue → Grey and black on start
- Normal fluid level: ok
- Normal engine noises: ok
- No engine blow by: imperfection → Average blow by
- Belts condition: ok
- Cooling system: imperfection → Coolant is contaminated with fuel
- Oil condition: ok
- Exhaust: ok
- No engine leaks: imperfection → Minor leaks
- Brand / model: Caterpillar C9
- Engine serial number: THX31725
- Hydraulic pump: ok
- Valve block: imperfection → Several lines leaking
- Ring gear: ok
- Swivel motor: ok
- Pads: imperfection (40 %) → Some track shoes are broken or bent. Some track pins are moving and weld-fixed
- Links: issue (20 %)
- Pins and bushings: ok (60 %)
- Idler: ok (60 %)
- Top roller: ok (60 %)
- Bottom roller: imperfection (40 %)
- Sprocket: issue (20 %) → Left side - 30% good, right side - 10% good
- Track motor condition: ok
- Track frame condition: imperfection → Dents in track frames and x-frame, track guides worn
- Car body condition: imperfection → Covers under engine and hydraulic valves missing
- Pins boom: imperfection → Some play
- Pins stick: imperfection → Some play
- Pins bucket: imperfection → Some play
- Swing drive/brake: ok
- Boom drift: ok
- Pump noises: ok
- Slew ring play: imperfection → Moderate play
- Electrics: ok
- Drive train: ok
- Hour meter reading: 17147
- Hour meter verified: ok
- Verification method: with system readout
- CE marked: Yes
- EPA marked: No

INSPECTOR COMMENT: The machine is in general good condition according to the hour level.
Engine needs some service. Injector sealings are leaking fuel to cooling system

VISIT OUR WEBSITE, EQUIPPO, to see MORE PICTURES and all the inspection points detailed in our complete CONDITION REPORT.

Pelle hydraulique Caterpillar 336DL ME d'occasion de 2011 avec godet et circuit hydraulique

GARANTIE: Protégé par la GARANTIE SATISFAIT OU REMBOURSÉ d'Equippo - Essayez cette machine sur votre chantier pendant 5 jours et renvoyez-la pour un REMBOURSEMENT COMPLET, si vous n'êtes pas satisfait...
Hofplein 20, Rotterdam - 3032AC Rotterdam, rotterdam, Holandia (Holandia)

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